Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Prep Day - Galvez Middle School

So this morning we headed out to Galvez Middle School for Prep Day. I will say that prep day at the middle school ran smoother than any Prep Day at either of the elementary schools. We were able to: pay fees, pay band fees, purchase band sweatshirt, pick up pre-ordered spirit shirt and sweatshirts, get our bus number, update student information, and pick up PE uniforms in the gym. We then deposited stuff in the Jeep and headed to the cafeteria to pick up her schedule, pay for lunch, get our BlackBoard login info, and pick up the school supply pack. We toured the hall her classes will be in and went out to the gym and band room. The band room is quite nice. We were back to the house and realized we did all of that in and hour and ten minutes.

The only disappointment for me is that since she did not pick woodwind or brass for band, they have placed her in the brass class. I guess I didn't understand clearly, I thought they were able to try all of the instruments and then choose. When I asked if she decided she wasn't comfortable with a brass instrument if she could have the option to switch. I was told it was a scheduling issue and that they did not encourage it. I bit my tongue big time (but my face made it clear I was not happy with that response), because Daisy said, "Mom, it's OK."

However...I have a big problem with taking an extra-curricular thing that is supposed to be for fun and enrichment and allow choice, and making a call basing on where scheduling numbers tell you you need to place kids. I'm glad my child is OK, and I guess it is the consequence of believing you had the option to try instruments in "either" category. At the end of the day it does bother me. Toby doesn't think anything of it, as a former trumpet player he wanted her to play brass anyway. As a former flute player, I wanted her to have the choice...

However, if that's my only complaint, we're doing good! Here goes middle school!