Thursday, September 1, 2011

Single Mom for a Week...

So Toby was at VM World in Las Vegas this week for work. I played single Mom this week. I have to say, I'm glad I have a wonderful husband who is a good, dedicated father.

During the past week, I have come to the conclusion that my success in life can be attributed to three things: the strong values and values my parents worked to instill in me, the loving supportive husband that wandered into my life through a mutual love of Karaoke (so much for the theory that you can't meet a good man in a bar), and the blessing of a scientific mind. I thank my parents, Toby's parents, and the divine workings of the universe.

I have enjoyed the one-on-one time I have had this week with my delightful daughter, Daisy. She is turning into quite a young lady! We shared a very special, grown-up girls' night out with dinner at PF Chang's last night. I hope we are able to enjoy many more such occasions as she grows through her tween and into her teen years. I see so much of myself and Toby in her.

I must admit, many often ask me about the demands of my work and the time I spend away from her. But the relationship she shares with her Dad, and the sense of responsibility she has developed are two very positive outcomes of our family life. The independent confident spirit, concern for others, and self-confidence she exudes show the beginnings of a responsible adult in the making.

At this moment, as she lies zonked in bed (and the ferrets are zonked in their hammocks, and the dog is all up in my area), I sit and am truly thankful for the way things are and the hope I have for the way things will be. I look forward to my hubby's return tomorrow, and wish all the sense of content I know...