Saturday, December 31, 2011

Product Review: Mint+ 5200

To sum it up, the Mint+5200 rocks! I just ran the sweeping and mopping modes in my kitchen and dining room. The floors are clean and my back doesn't hurt. Life is good!

It did take a couple of attempts to get the room mapping process working correctly, but if you set clear boundaries it works like a charm. Moving forward, cleaning will be a breeze. I may just keep my floors clean in 2012...

Happy New Year!

So long 2011 and hello 2012! I'd like to take a moment to reflect, give thanks, and make plans...

2011 was a good year professionally and personally. I have met so many new people and reconnected with several people who I lost contact with along the way. Balance was definitely the theme for the year!

Professionally: I became the Executive Director of the School Turnaround Office for the State of Louisiana. I lead a staff of 27 to do something to assist the lowest performing schools in the state. It's a mission that is near and dear to my heart, because getting an education is the key to success and growth for everyone. I've even had the opportunity to have a presence on the national stage. This girl from Houma who graduated with a BS in Secondary Education from Nicholls in 1993 never thought her goal "to make sure to positively touch the lives of as many kids as possible while giving them a quality education" would take her to this.

Personally: I continue to be blessed with a great marriage to my best friend and soul mate. I have a daughter who is turning into a phenomenal young lady. I enjoy her company and the person she is becoming. I am proud of her accomplishments, but even more proud that she is a caring, considerate, thoughtful, and intelligent. It is beginning to look like we will pay off the debt incurred from her rather dramatic entrance into this world before we have to pay for senior expenses and college. It is nice to be able to breathe!

For the coming year: I plan to continue to develop the new relationships from 2011 both professionally and personally. I plan to continue to enjoy my family and support them in their ventures. I plan to continue to balance work, life, etc. I plan to be able to spend more time with my extended family (I hope they like the sound of that). I hope to have a little bit more fun, I'm not getting any younger...

I hope that all of my friends and family enjoy ringing in the new year where ever you may be. I wish you all the love and happiness you deserve!

Happy New Year!