Saturday, February 25, 2012

EDLD 810 This I Believe Essay

I believe every student is a scholar. As a teacher, I provided every student with a high quality education that prepared them for college or the workforce. As a building leader, I provided the necessary support and accountability to develop my teachers to challenge all of their students as scholars. As a leader of leaders, I am building the capacity of school and district leaders to transform their schools and systems into high performing organizations that treat all students as scholars. Key to making this happen is to challenge educators to reflect, think, and adjust.

I have always held myself to a high standard of professional accountability. I have always taken ownership of all aspects of my work, most importantly taking ownership of the product of my work. Problems must have solutions, not excuses. Solutions require thought, data analysis, reflection on practice, and adjustment of practice. When educators do these things, all children succeed. When all children succeed, communities thrive.

I believe all children can learn and all educators must develop solutions that meet the needs of the students they serve. I am now holding others to the high standard of accountability I hold for myself. I have become transparent in sharing my beliefs about education and the actions and activities that are critical to the manifestation of my beliefs with my employees and the districts I serve. No one wonders where I stand. I challenge others by asking, how will you do this for your students, teachers, and community? I facilitate problem identification and solution development, no excuses. I thoroughly enjoy the challenges of this work.

Who knows what wonders are locked in the mind of a child? The cure? The answer? To advocate for children by challenging others to insure society does not miss out on solutions because of failure to develop all of the minds of the future is the highest calling. Moving educators from saying all children can learn and we should meet the needs of every learner to performing the actions required to teach all children by meeting their needs is my passion.

To lead educators to treat all students as scholars is the best manifestation of my gifts, skills, and talents. Education is a noble calling. Education is key to the success of our society. By advocating for all children, especially those who lack resources and a voice, I can make a difference. This I believe…