Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Tale of 2 Daisy's...28 years apart...

It was the early days of the summer of 1986.  My braces had been taken off a couple of months earlier, and the orthodontist had referred us to an oral surgeon to get my wisdom teeth removed.  We had arrived at the office, and I had fallen asleep standing up at the counter while my Mom finished the paperwork.  The nurse saw me, and took me back into the surgery room so that I wouldn't fall.  I was really out of it because I had had valium to relax me before the procedure.

The doctor comes in and wakes me up.  "Is there someone we can call?"  I was really confused, my Mom was with me, why would we need to call someone.  "How can we reach your Dad?"  "You can't, my Dad is offshore.  Where is my Mom?"  "Your Mom passed out, we need someone to take her to the hospital and then come back and get you."  I think I babbled the name of the place my sister worked at.  By that point, my Mom had revived, and was in a lot of pain, so they called for my sister.

I ended up recovering from my wisdom teeth removal and my Mom ended up with a fractured hip (I think) from passing out when she signed the anesthesia permission form.  It seems the "may cause mental impairment or death" part of the form really got to her.

So yesterday, as I watched the color drain from my child's face as the surgeon explained the risks, I knew it was going to be a long few days.  I could see her wanting to freak out, but not.  When he listened to her heart, he heard an "extra sound" and needed me to get clearance for surgery from her regular physician.  Last night was rough.  We get to the pediatrician this morning, and she hears "an extra sound."  She gets us in with the cardiologist for an EKG.  The cardiologist asks me, "What brings you hear today?"  I tell the tale.  He says, "Well, her EKG is perfect."  I say, "Well, my gut tells me the surgeon should have listened to her heart before he freaked her out and we wouldn't be sitting here."  We both have a laugh and talk about the potential hazards of raising a micro-preemie, and better safe than sorry.

Both of my experience with wisdom teeth oral surgery have been pretty drama filled when it comes to Daisys.  I hope and pray that tomorrow goes well, and hope the weekend is less eventful...

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